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As a married mum to two young kids and teacher, Clare had put herself last for too long and didn’t feel in a great place.

After seeing a picture of herself with her friends on a mums night out she knew she had to make some changes.

After her consultation we discussed all this and then got to work together right away.

Within the first month Clare was feeling so much better.

Clare’s big ‘WHY’ goal was to get that good feeling back about herself she used to have and boost confidence.

Clare could only give 3 x 60 mins per week to training due to her childcare and work schedule so we built out a training and sensible eating plan and went from there.

Being female didn’t stop us having a strength focus towards training…see below for her body stats and gym progress:

Body Composition Stats:

Weight Loss = 13 kg/ 2 Stone

Waist Reduction = 6 inches

Body fat Decrease = 9.6%

Strength Stats:

Bench Press UP 15kg

Chins UP 17.5kg

Deadlifts UP 32.5kg

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