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Sarah had previously been very fit having run marathons and done triathlons however she fell into bad routines with food and lost motivation focus and balance both mentally and physically after moving to Spain from the UK whilst being a mum and running businesses in the midst of the covid 19 pandemic.

This resulted in Sarah gaining weight, her fitness becoming poor and not being happy in her body. She continually would tell herself ‘Ill start on Monday’.

The first thing we did was set some goals, agreed clear boundaries around food and created a well balanced training routine.

We checked in every single week for me to gain feedback off Sarah so I could tweak the training/ nutrition plans as and where needed.

Sarah had this to say: “I feel great now - so much stronger, fitter and feel happy in my own body.

Russ is brilliant with communication, at the start discussing my goals and what was holding me back. Then creating a Training Plan that was easy to follow in his app with video demos and descriptions etc.

Russ has a positive attitude which shows though in his communication and feedback with the support and positive push.

For me it’s about about living a good live in a balanced way. It was about getting fit, strong and losing weight, whilst still having a social life.

Mentally I’m back in control too.

And it works, I’m not as strict when it comes to weekends but I found the balance for it to work”


Weight loss: 5kg/ 11lbs

Waist Reduction: 5 inches

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