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About Russ

To Be Clear, this Coaching Programme is About YOU.
However I feel I need to qualify myself so you know who you are working with.

20+ Years as a Professional Coach
2003 was when I started as a full time professional coach and over this time have worked with hundreds of clients just like you. There is a definite ‘art & science’ to helping clients get great results - this experience gives me depth in applying that artistic licence to help you get the best results possible

Qualified/ Proven Methods
I combine a blend of ‘in the trenches’ experience with formal education, such as a BSc (Hons) Degree in Sports Science, and many other certifications, with thousands of hours of reading around my subject matter. So you can have the confidence that the methods we will use are proven to work 

Walking the Walk
I played semi professional rugby for 10 years, have completed over 30 Endurance Events such as an Iron Man Triathlon, Mountain Marathons & Completed the UK Special Forces Selection 'Fan Dance' plus have some impressive strength numbers in the gym including a 60kg weighted chin up, 190kg squat and 145kg bench press. This experience helps me to coach you as I know what training to a high level involves and wouldn't ask you to do things I've not done. 

My own Training
In addition I’ve trained 3-5 times per week without many weeks off since age 13 (that’s 30 years!!) I have even logged every training session in training diaries because I’m obsessed with progress

Gym Owner
I’ve owned my gym for the last 14 years and developed or overseen all systems from Strength & Conditioning programming to nutrition to monitoring a large group of members who train with us over time. This means you benefit from methods that have been tried and tested on a huge number of people

Elite Athletes
I’ve worked with world class athletes in multiple sports such as Rugby League, Cycling, Wrestling & MMA. Plus spent time working as a Strength & Conditioning Coach at one of the worlds leading Rugby League Clubs, working directly under coaches who are literally the best in the world. I pass on this experience to you as my client. 

Balancing Life's Demands Plus some Shit Times! It’s not all Sunshine & Rainbows 
But what makes me a ‘real’ coach is I’ve had shit times. At times I've had to work on my mental health as well as physical fitness. I’ve got Identical Twin boys, who are amazing, but we have zero local family day to day support its meant balancing family life with business life whilst still being able to focus on my own training and well being.

There have been business challenges which have pushed me to my limits. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve used food & alcohol binging as a coping mechanism in the past and gained a lot of body fat as a consequence and felt shit. So I will always do my best to relate and show empathy to you in this coaching process.

No Judgement
What I’m saying is I’m not here to judge how anyone presents themselves on day one in my coaching programme, I know about how to juggle and balance competing aspects of life. Success to me is not about living in the gym and only eating chicken and steamed broccoli. That stuff doesn’t work for guys like us.

The End Goal
We want that perfect balance of enjoying our training, enjoying our food & being able to have some beers/ meals out in moderation, but at the same time making great progress with training, becoming strong & fit and the way our bodies feel & look. And doing all this whilst developing an unstoppable mindset.



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