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Before starting online coaching with Russ I had been that classic yo-yo dieter for a few years, gradually adding more and more weight until hitting 18 and a half stone. At that point I was in a real mess. Eating bad. Feeling like crap. Trapped in a cycle of guilt and depression about how I looked and felt. I couldn’t get upstairs without getting out of breath.

I knew how to train. I knew how to diet. I was terrible at holding myself accountable. Whether that  being sticking to a training plan or eating well.

Starting online coaching gave me that accountability straight away. I had a plan. I had nutrition advice. More importantly I had weekly check-ins where I knew I was accountable - I had to get the results EVERY WEEK.

The beginning wasn’t easy. Russ had to pull me from the depths of despair. I would beat myself up about every little mishap.

Things got easier. Week on week I was eating better. Counting calories became second nature. My training went up a notch every week.

I went from being out of breath on the stairs to running 10K in an hour, riding 30-40 miles on the bike. I dropped 20kg in 4 months. I could deadlift 200kg.

I’m the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been at 36 years old. Feeling like a hybrid athlete. That feeling is awesome.

I would recommend Russ because he knows his stuff. He’s an elite level trainer but speaks in normal language. After years of training myself and with various coaches I can tell you his programming is second to none. Russ makes training fun. Even easy - not the workout itself but because you WANT to do it.

Moreover, Russ has helped me greatly with the mental side of things. We all know half the battle is in your head. Getting to the gym. Eating right. Feeling good. Staying accountable. Russ has put me back in the game after letting myself go for a years.

For all I’ve achieved this year I’m grateful to Russ as my coach.

Body Composition Stats:

Weight Loss = 22 kg/ 3 Stone 6lbs

Waist Reduction = 7 inches

Strength/ Performance Stats:

Increasing strength went our main goal but Antonio can deadlift 200kg, bang out pull ups and dips, Bench Press 100kg, plus comfortably run a 10k and bike 30-40 miles

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