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George has previously completed triathlons (including a full Iron Man in 2019) however with running his own business had lost focus on his own training and dropped into a lull and inevitably gained body fat and lost fitness.

The biggest thing I implemented with George was a clear plan around food. With him running his own business and being on the go all day, George has slipped into just eating whatever he could get his hands on.

Education around nutrition and a clear plan was key. George would still enjoy BBQ’s and a few beers but he knew his boundaries.

In addition to that George has never done any weight training - so building his programme up to allow for this was important.

George had this to say:

“I feel much fitter, much stronger, I feel lots better in myself and my body shape has changed an unbelievable amount - chest, shoulders, back, stomach and arms (Struggling to buy a shirt that fits my arms!!)

A key thing for me was part way into our programme, I had a bad week working away doing long physical hours and was really struggling, Russ recognised this and had a chat with me when I was almost ready to give in! He helped me plan around it all & I got back on track and then everything was brilliant this last 6-7 weeks.

I’d recommend Russ, he has great knowledge, has guided me really well though the process and he just drives you that little bit further and gets more from you than you thought you had.”

Body Composition Stats:

Weight Loss = 5kg

Waist Reduction = 2 inches

Body Fat Decrease = 4%

Strength Stats:

Bench Press UP 30kg

Deadlifts UP 60kg

Squats UP 30kg

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