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James got in touch, and we initially planned a 12 week coaching block, however his newborn baby decided to come a little earlier than expected!! So we only had 8.5 weeks.

You can see looking at Jame’s pictures and his stats - in just over 8 weeks he’s done fantastic.

After giving his all to work for so long, James had slipped into some bad habits and so his goals were to have more energy and be a role model for his kids.

James just needed the overall structure. Training plan, Nutrition guidelines, Mindset development work to help create better habits plus a regular check in process with support and feedback.

He did have some social occasions that involved a few beers over the 8 weeks so we factored this into the plan.

Body Composition Stats:

Weight Loss = 7.9kg / 17.5lbs

Waist Reduction = 5 inches

Body fat Decrease = 5.5%

Strength Stats:

Bench Press UP 15kg

Chins UP 17.5kg

Deadlifts UP 32.5kg

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